My name is Sibin.V.K..... I am fromThriprayar, 

Thrissur Dist..... Presently working in Kuwait.... 

I am a big fan of Dasettan, Chithrachechi & 

Raveendran  Mash.... I have collected many songs of

them in different languages, and i would like to 

share those rare collection through this blog.... 

I Dedicate this site  to all Dasettan Fans from Orkut & Facebook especially Jayan Thachonam,

Sujith P, Viji Rajasekharan,  Hanim Ali, Rajeev George (Neelan), Sreejith Paliath, Renjith Nair,

Sreejith GG, Joshy Kappil,  John Jacob, Arun Raveendran, Saj Nair, Angadhan & Stuart Keeler.


Mail : sibinvk2006@yahoo.co.in

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sibinvk2006

Twitter : http://twitter.com/sibinvk

Orkut : http://www.orkut.com/Main#Profile?uid=10658694168498546750

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